Wednesday, 25 March 2015


So I have not been here for quite some time. In fact much has happened. We have just celebrated the little ladies fifth birthday, we are about to celebrate little lady number 2's third birthday and I am expecting our third baby in less than 2 months!!!
The little lady is really a lady now. And knows her own mind, especially when it came to organising her fifth birthday party. The theme had to be butterflies and it had to be celebrated in beautiful Fota gardens on a cold Saturday in March. We have wonderfully brave friends that will come outdoors and play with us in early spring.
Fota gardens is so beautiful and special to us. We celebrated our marriage here and the little lady celebrated her Fairy Fourth birthday among the ferns in the Fota. If you're around Cork Fota is a beautiful place to visit for a stroll, especially in Spring time when the Magnolia trees and wild roses are in bloom. When the potential of nature is in bud and getting ready for the full bloom of summer.

I couldn't find butterfly nets anywhere so I decided to make them. So simple to do and all you need is a whole load of masking tape, a wire clothes hanger, some netting (we cut up some net curtains) and a stick (I used bamboo).
Then all you need to do is open out the hanger and bend it into a rough circle shape. I straightened out the hook piece so I could tape that part onto the stick, once the netting was taped on. Cut the netting into a square and tape the edges around the wire hanger.  I used a lot of making tape so any rough edges were covered fully and it was nice and secure.

We had so much fun with these nets, catching crepe paper butterflies, bubbles and even little leaves floating gin the lake. I wish I'd more photos but we were having too much fun!!

I made a banana muffin caterpillar cake, as requested by the little lady, you can find the recipe here.

Well since my last post here over four years ago, my life has completely changed: from the philosophical musings of a first time mum filled with the wonder of new life to the real practicalities of running around to the orders of 2 little ladies that have their very own and very distinct characters. I certainly feel like a parent that is constantly evolving.

I do hope to keep up this blog so do stay tuned for not only my musings on connecting with life as a mother but also crafts and antics that I and the little ladies get up to.

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